Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Welcome to Homeward Blessings, friends!

I hope you enjoy your time here with me as I share what the Lord leads me to, as well as our journey in blessing our home. As I wavered in deciding whether to finally start a blog, my heart kept leading me to seek it out and was so encouraged by several other God-fearing women who share their hearts daily. I look forward to my inbox every morning as I read what the Lord is sharing through these amazing testimonies. As I become more familiar with how to navigate this "new" piece of technology, I will be sharing those wonderful blog links with you all so that you too may be blessed by them!

I awoke very early this morning with the sound of Crystal Lewis' voice singing in my head, "People get ready, Jesus is coming, soon we'll be going home. People get ready, Jesus is coming, to take from the world His own!" Now, some of you reading may not remember her, but her music was very pivotal in my life when I first claimed Jesus as my Savior and became a born-again believer on July 11, 1993. I have to be honest and say that it is a somewhat bitter-sweet day for many of us this time in history. Growing up very politically minded and involved, I truly believed that our votes and voices were what changed and grew  America. Over the past 5 years, the Lord has made some amazing changes in my heart and mind, and still continues to do so daily. I now believe, with the heaviest of conviction, that our prayers to our Father in Heaven are what truly shape our world. God knows who needs to be in leadership, and HE is in control! With that being said, I feel that my duty as a true born-again, spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ is to pray without ceasing. Everything that happens in this life will be brought before Him, and we'll all be judged accordingly.........good or bad. So, when I awoke this morning with that song playing in my heart, I was reassured that everything is in God's timing and is preparing the way for Jesus to come and take from the world His own. I pray that we are all part of that group He will be taking!